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About Us

All rooms of Turabdin Hotel 22 Rooms with 50 beds are comfortable beds, amazing color decoration, design, wireless system in rooms, in general use areas unlimited free internet usage, you can watch D-smart channels  It is equipped with LCD TV, minibar, hairdryer, and air conditioning.

 We are waiting for you with our rooms that make you feel special with your family...

At Turabdin Hotel, you can find the opportunity to taste Turabdin Wine, which is produced only for the hotel. Wine, an important element of Mesopotamian and Anatolian culture, is the Syriac life. It has become an indispensable part of society. The value of wine for Syriacs in their lives with the sacredness in Christianity it is more riveted. Special care with a unique technique of 4500 years To transform the grapes that they grow in their own vineyards into wine with for the vintage season, without any additives. By keeping it in an appropriate temperature environment, it provides aging with natural methods.